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Customer Love Spiral - DNA of an Always-on ApproachLove your way to a lifetime of customer value
You & your audience, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G-!

Today’s economy is all about connections, relationships, and the people who share them. And like the dating process, each step of the journey requires just the right touch — in the right way — at the right time — to build a relationship and fall in love.

The Customer Love Spiral is a way to map the path of that relationship and align teams to measurable, connected goals for a lifetime of customer value.


I loved this original Curata infographic so much that I had to have some fun with it! I updated the person to look like me (at the time). And, while I was at it, I added three things I believe are critical for any content marketer to possess.

So what would you add?


>> View the original @GetCurata infographic