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I’m ready for Marcom’s funeral, aren’t you?
I’ve read plenty of articles on the death of SEO, the death of Facebook, the death of… fill in the blank. Where is the blog proclaiming the death of Marcom? I feel like I need a funeral. I want to put a flower on Marcom’s casket, toss in some dirt, and lower the most outdated of marketing functions six feet under.

Marcom is Dead - R.I.PNo one wants to be in Marcom
Why? Because having been “a Marcom” for most of my early career, I can tell you that the role traditional marketing communications functions played has been one of the most undervalued and degraded functions in all of business.

Yup. That’s right. I said it! C’mon, we all know and think it. How many times have you been laid off compared to your Marcom cohorts? How about budget cuts? Exactly. Don’t get me wrong, I ❤ my Marcom brethren. So much so, I’d like to shine a huge spotlight on this unfair fact and begin the process of killing it once and for all. How? By killing the Marcom term itself.

Would you hire an Accountant who can’t do math?
Of course not! And you sure as hell shouldn’t be hiring any marketers that can’t communicate. It’s high time that we acknowledge that “marketing communications” is marketing, period. Because marketing IS communications.

I would challenge that you can’t do marketing in this day and age without communications. It would be like calling out math in Accounting as a separate function. “Hi, I’m Jill, the “Senior Accounting Math Manager” and I’m here to make sure you do your math right.” I mean, wtf, lame, right? Is it any wonder that Marcom Managers find themselves questioning their role and other functions are constantly dis’in them?

On Death’s door
Marcom Managers have been beaten bloody upon the rocks of disruption by digital, social and the content marketing revolution. And there’s lots more disruption coming—choppy water in our future. The evolution of marketing and the transformation of commerce has just begun. No one (including many Marcoms themselves) is really sure what the value of a Marketing Communications professional is these days. And everyone is concerned that Marcoms may not be able to keep up with the ever-changing discipline marketing has become. Marketing Communications experts appear to be experts of an outdated craft…

Really? Do you buy that? Well, I’m calling bullshit. Let’s not throw the people out with the proverbial bathwater. Many of these folks have a tremendous amount of value to add. It’s time to recognize that, embrace them and begin to leverage their strengths. Sure, there are some fossils that will refuse to evolve, but that’s true across all functions these days and certainly not unique to Marketing.

The top 9 reasons Marcoms kick ass

1)    They are the original “communicators”

2)    They know how to throw a party

3)    They speak many languages

4)    Often outgoing and naturally get social

5)    Understand the value and how to nurture relationships

6)    Know how to juggle and hit deadlines

7)    Understand the power of words and story

8)    Know how to GSD (Innovative, creative, diligent)

9)    Are passionate and eager to make an impact

Let’s bury the term, not the people!
I would really like to see the term, “Marketing Communications” or “Marcom” for short die. I think it is shitty label. I don’t care what we call folks really. I just think it’s time for this term to fade into the history books. Won’t you help me?

Marketing Freedom Fighters Unite!

A MESSAGE TO MARCOMS: please claim your rightful place at the marketing table. Be a shepard and help your peers understand the value of what you do in a way that they can connect with. If you can’t do that, then you might be stuck in people-pleaser mode. Get off the hamster wheel, talk to some peers outside your organization and gain a new perspective so you can determine how to add value. BECAUSE, if you can’t articulate what your value is in a way that is ACTUALLY valued, then you aren’t adding value, end of story.

A MESSAGE TO EVERYONE ELSE: take it easy on these folks, will ya? They could provide the biggest swell or be the heaviest tow on your marketing efforts. It’s up to you how you captain the ship. Leverage these folks, they want to have impact, they want the same things you do. Help them get it and bring harmony and unity to marketing.

I mean, geez, cant we all just get along? ;p