Wanna help evolve marketing to change the way we experience the world?
You can’t just “transform” an organization over night. It takes the right environment to nurture talent in the right direction. I mean, it took millions of years for dinos to evolve into birds. Seems only reasonable that we marketers need to crawl before we walk, walk before we run, and run so we can fly!

The path to success is an evolutionary one
I started The Marketing Evolutionist in the hopes that it will help folks looking to free themselves from the shackles of shitty marketing. To help kick-start a movement to evolve our craft and create content marketing that enhances how the world is experienced—both for our own benefit and for the benefit of the people we hope to engage.

D’uh, it starts with us (aka people!)
One thing’s for certain, be it P2P or H2H, it is certainly not B2C or B2B anymore. Or BINGO for that matter ;-p I mean, c’mon, enough of this gobbledygook already. You’re a person, regardless of the work you do in the world. You should be that person 100% of the time. Don’t be a poser. Posers create crap content. It’s time to get real. Get real with each other, with our language, and with the awesome content we publish for the benefit of what we hope to be our lifelong customers—our friends. And that, my friends, is how I believe we can achieve marketing awesomeness.

Feedback please
As I begin building out my consultancy and blog, I’d love your feedback. Am I on the money? If so, what shackles are holding you back? What kind of resources are you looking for to help coach and motivate you along the way? Reply to this post below. Oh, and if you think I’m full of shit, tell me why! I plan on #FailingForward more in my life so I can learn and grow. I can’t do that without constructive and helpful feedback from you.

Founder, The Marketing Evolutionist

Heather Meza, The Marketing Evolutionist says "Free yourself of the shackles of shitty marketing!"

Heather Meza, Founding Freedom Fighter for The Marketing Evolutionist

  1. You ROCK! Can’t wait to join you and others on the road to kick-ass marketing that makes a real difference.


  2. Hi Heather. I love your message. Might I speak with you about having you present at a marketing conference in SF on 11/5?


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